Pattaya- one of the most favourite destinations in Thailand- famous for Walking street, Sriracha Tiger Zoo, Jomtien beach… Therefore there are many hotels built to serve for guests. And hotels right on the beach are a major attraction for many holidaymakers and, while Pattaya is perhaps not best-known for its sandy shore, it still has some highly enticing spots. Pattaya and the majority of Jomtien have major roads between the hotels and the beach, but Wongamat to the north, Phratamnak in the middle and Na Jomtien to the south all have gorgeous strips of sand and a range of hotels right on them. Below is the list of the best beachfront hotels in this area. Let’s read and enjoy your holiday here!



1. Royal Cliff Beach Hotel

One of the most prestigious hotels in Pattaya, it is quite a surprise to find that the nightly room price starts at under $100! The sprawling Royal Cliff Resort, in the Phratamnak area, is home to 11 restaurants (including some of the region’s best), the huge PEACH conference centre and 1,090 guestrooms. The hotel has six outdoor swimming pools and direct access onto the beautiful Cosy Beach.

Price from 122USD

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2. Garden Cliff Resort

The Garden Cliff Resort has a classic Thai look, both indoors and out, with 230 well-appointed guestrooms and distinctive architecture. Despite its name, there is no cliff to traverse in order to access the quiet, secluded beach, which it shares with only one other resort. Located practically next door to the iconic Sanctuary of Truth in Wongamat, the hotel does live up to its promise of a garden and a spa. It also has a large swimming pool, a chic restaurant and other great amenities.

Price from 118USD

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3. Ravindra Beach Resort & Spa

Situated right on the beach in Na Jomtien, some distance south of Pattaya, the Ravindra Beach Resort & Spa is a beautiful 277-room restful escape. The beach here is quiet and clean, making it a good choice for families. The large dual pool in the centre of the landscaped gardens is fairly private, being enclosed by the two wings of the hotel, while the third pool is just steps away from the sand. The hotel also has three restaurants and a full-service spa.

Price from 147USD

Read more at: http://www.siam101.com/listing/ravindra-beach-resort-and-spa/

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